iCatch Launches the New A0/A1 SerDes Solutions for Long Distance CMOS Sensor Data Transmission

iCatch Technology, a global leader in low-power, high-performance digital image and video SoC solutions, today introduces the A0/A1 SerDes solutions for long distance CMOS sensor data transmission over a single high-speed LVDS channel. The A0 (Serializer) and A1 (Deserializer) are capable of transmitting 1080p30 video over the LVDS channel and can support a maximum bit rate of 1.5Gbps. A 8b10b CODEC and a clock/data recovery circuitry (CDR) are embedded into the A0 and A1 respectively to ensure the clock signal can be successfully retrieved by the A1.

One of the main applications of SerDes is automotive camera. With the technology advancement in computer vision and image processing, leading automotive brands are starting to incorporate Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Surround View Systems into their vehicles. However, these features require multiple cameras placed at strategic points around the vehicle and connecting all these cameras to the central processing unit really poses difficulty to the design engineers due to the long travel distance. With iCatch's SerDes solutions, intact video data can be transported from the CMOS sensors to the central processors and the interconnects in between can be greatly simplified to reduce the overall design complexity of the vehicle. 

A0 Key Features: 

A1 Key Features: 

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