iCatch Introduces the V33 SoC for Still Image and Video Cameras

iCatch Technology, a global leader in low-power, high-performance digital image and video SoC solutions, today introduces the V33 SoC for still image and video cameras. As social media plays a more and more important role in our daily lives, an advanced video CODEC and a fast internet connection are required for smooth video sharing and streaming. The V33 solutions provide not only excellent still image quality but also superb video quality while keeping the file size small for efficient data transfer. The V33 series includes V33A and V33M, where V33M has an embedded DRAM in the package to enable small form factor designs. 

For automotive camera applications, the V33 SoC is a cost-effective platform for single camera solutions. It records video in exceptional detail in 1080p30 for the drivers to review. Even in low-light conditions when recording at night, the V33 SoC is still capable of maintaining a good video quality with all the advanced image processing technologies built-in, such as digital image stabilization (DIS), wide dynamic range (WDR), high-ISO noise reduction and 3D noise reduction.

Home cameras have become more and more popular as smartphones get widely accepted and people want to be able to monitor their homes wherever they are and whenever they want. The V33 SoC is especially suitable for home camera applications due to the superior video quality it provides and its capability to interface with an external WiFi module to stream video onto the internet on demand.

V33 Key Features: 

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